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Howardian Hills AONB Wildflower Survey

How do I record my plants?

Just jot down the plants you see when you are out walking, being careful to record the location and date as well as the species seen. It is helpful to note the habitat as well if possible. If you are unsure of the identification the habitat clues can often pin down the species; if you need help in identifying something please contact one of us, we may be able to help.

How do I send in my records?

Preferably electronically: either use the form below, or create a simple spreadsheet and send it to us. The spreadsheet should contain at least these columns: Species name, Location, Grid reference, Date, Habitat, and Notes. If you wish to use a spreadsheet please be consistent in your use of names. You can use this list and/or the “PlantFinder” logger, which incorporates the same information. If you only have a few records we recommend using the online form, not least as it feeds directly into our list and is easier to deal with!

For use in the field please download a record sheet from here; we recommend one sheet per tetrad.

English names (Excel file)English names (PDF file)
Latin names (Excel file)Latin names (PDF file)

Contact: Gill Smith or Nan Sykes for more details

These records will be kept by the Ryedale Natural History Society, and may be shared with the Howardian Hills AONB, the Yorkshire & The Humber Ecological Data Trust and other reputable wildlife organizations.
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