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Climate Records 2000

Adrian and Gill Smith have been keeping records of the weather at Gilling since 1990; the charts for 2000 (below) show that it was a mild, particularly wet year (normally the annual rainfall at Gilling is under 30". 1999 had 30.7"). October/November was the wettest spell, with the severe storm at the end of October leading to widespread flooding in the Vale of Pickering – much of the lowland was standing in water for several weeks. The rainfall was very unevenly spread through the year. In the chart the thin vertical lines show the rainfall on individual days, and the dashed line is at 1" for those of us who cannot think in millimetres! This reveals that the two wettest days of the year (October 30th and 31st) each had almost 1˝" rain in the 24 hours up to 4pm when the rain gauge is read.

Rainfall chart 2000

The temperature records show that there was no really cold weather at the start of the 1999-2000 winter, with February very mild. The latest frost was mid-April, and the first frost of autumn not until November. Note the short sharp cold spell over Christmas-time, with several days when the maximum temperature never reached 0°C . There was no really hot weather (again – just like 1999!), and the temperature curve is remarkably “flat” apart from one very brief spike in late June. The vertical lines are daily figures of the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded at 9am; the orange markers show the monthly average of these min-max temperatures.

Temperature chart 2000

Adrian and Gill have been keeping records for the past 11 years. To see all the charts please visit If you would like any further information email Gill at

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