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The Weather in Gilling for 2002 (notes by Adrian Smith)

This has been another wet year (have a look at the gushing spring for confirmation) and is the first time we have logged 3 successive months with over 100mm of rainfall. You can also see two very wet 24-hour periods, although neither was quite enough to get the beck out of its bed. If the combined rainfall of the 1st, 2nd of August had come at a wetter time of the year, we would certainly have had another episode like the ones 2 years ago when all the rivers got well out of hand.

graph of rainfall

The temperatures show a very cold snap in early January, with a gentle rise to a reasonable summer, and a sharp drop-off into autumn. The first frost was quite late (19th October) and was followed by some particularly dismal November weather. The vertical lines show the temperature range for each day, and where the chart almost disappears in December, the range was very small (maybe only half a degree) which is typical of dull, overcast conditions.

graph of temperature

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