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Weather Records for 2003

This was the driest year since 1996, and was marked by a 40-day rainless spell from mid-March to late April. Coupled with the rather cold weather (the March average temperature was 4.8C), this delayed almost all the spring flowers.

rainfall graph

Probably this was the reason for the spectacular show of daffodils in Farndale, as they all came at once when the warm spell finally arrived in mid-April.

temperatures graph

Summer was consistent, rather than spectacular, with an average temperature of 17C for June, July and August. What rain there was came as occasional downpours, so did not detract from the general feeling that it had been a ‘good summer’.

Towards the end of the year, there were some fairly severe cold spells (the December average was 1.8, with a minimum = -8 at Gilling) but almost no snow to speak of.

Adrian and Gill have been keeping records for the past 14 years. To see all the charts please visit , If you would like any further information email Gill at

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