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Weather Records for 2004

notes by Adrian Smith

Once again, Ryedale took a soaking but this time the culprit had a name! Hurricane Alex made a fair mess of the Florida coastline south of Tampa, then meandered across the Atlantic and stalled over the North Sea in early August. Gilling Beck took to the B1363, and flooded several houses at the bottom of the village for the third time in 5 years. The Environment Agency are trying to keep a balance between sound ecology (leaving enough vegetation on the riverbanks to support our voles and otters) and getting rid of the water in a hurry (scouring everything down to a clear channel). If we have another ‘one in 100 ’ event this year, they may have to rethink!

rainfall graph

The temperature trace shows what a totally boring year we had. There was never really any summer heat, and the whole autumn period shows a very narrow daily range which is typical of overcast skies. It was mid-November before Gilling experienced its first frost which is most unusual for a classic frost-hollow.

temperatures graph

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