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Species Records

by Don Smith FRES

Don Smith, who is currently our Lichen and Fungi Recorder, has an enormous number of records for all kinds of species within Ryedale, which he is entering onto a computer database. He has kindly allowed the Society to reproduce the following lists. They are available as zip files in either Excel format (X) or tab-separated text files (T). The largest file (Fungi) is approx. 70K as the Excel zip, and 23K as the text zip.

Our insect recorder, Andrew Grayson, has sent me this update to Don’s records [Ed: March 2005]:

In my 2003 report, I made reference to a few errors in the preliminary Ryedale list of insects placed on the Internet. The most significant errors involve the following species, which should be deleted. Anopheles (Anopheles) atroparvus van Thiel, 1927 [Culicidae] is a misinterpretation of synonymy and refers to the species complex A. (A.) maculipennis Meigen, 1818 sensu lato: Platypalpus analis (Meigen, 1830) and P. pulicarius (Meigen, 1830) [Hybotidae] are both transcription errors (Roy Crossley, pers. comm.): Phylidorea (Phylidorea) longicornis (Schummel, 1829) [Limoniidae] and Ectaetia lignicola Edwards, 1925 [Scatopside] are doubtfully authentic and should be deleted because voucher specimens were not retained (Geoff King, pers. comm.): Limnophora tigrina (Am Stein, 1860) [Muscidae] is a typographical error (Geoff King, pers. comm.).

A couple of caterpillars

elephant hawkmoth caterpillar

(Above) Elephant hawkmoth.
(Right) This is probably the Knot-grass Moth.
Thanks to Carl Farmer for the id.

?knotgrass moth caterpillar

Subject File Contents Comments
1 - Lichens Rnhs-1a(X)
list of species 212 species
2 - Mosses & Liverworts Rnhs-2(X)
all details 350 Bryophyte taxa, most sites unknown
3 - Flowers & Ferns Rnhs-3a(X)
list of species - loosely called 'flowers' 383 species
list of species - grasses & sedges etc. 115 species
list of ferns 28 species
4 - Fungi Rnhs-4a(X)
list of species 1765 species
5 - Gall Mites Rnhs-5(X)
species, sites & surveyors 23 species, 65 records from 8 sites
6 - Molluscs (Slugs & Snails) Rnhs-6(X)
species, sites & surveyors 70 species, 189 records from 8 sites
7 - Spiders & Harvestmen Rnhs-7a(X)
list of species 240 species spider, 9 of Opiliones (17 sites)
      1 chelifer sp. from 2 sites
8 - Centipedes, Millipedes & Woodlice Rnhs-8(X)
species, sites & surveyors 8 Centipede sp. 16 Millipede sp. 6 Woodlice sp.
      82 records from 5, 9 & 10 sites respectively.
9 - Orthoptera etc. Rnhs-9(X)
species, sites & surveyors 6 Grasshopper/Cricket spp. from 19 records
      2 Earwig spp. from 7 records
      16 Stonefly spp. from 20 records
      8 Bark Louse spp. from 12 records
      8 Mayfly spp. from 14 records
      14 Dragonfly spp. ex 65 records. 30 sites listed.
10 - Plant & Water Bugs Rnhs-10a(X)
list of species 124 Heteroptera sp. 102 Homoptera sp.
11 - Lacewings etc. Rnhs-11a(X)
species, sites & surveyors 4 Megaloptera spp.
      18 Lacewing spp.
      4 Scorpionfly spp.
      44 Caddisfly spp. 112 records total from 28 sites.
12 - Butterflies & Moths Rnhs-12a(X)
list of species 355 species, 904 records examined
13 - Coleoptera (Beetles) Rnhs-13a(X)
list of species 626 species
14 - Hymenoptera (Ants, Bees, Wasps etc.) Rnhs-14a(X)
list of species 387 species. 900 records examined.
15 - Flies Rnhs-15a(X)
list of species 1095 species
14,427 records examined,
6,039 different species entered.
Don Smith February 2001 Back to the top


This compilation would not be complete without an appreciation of those specialists who have made their data available. These are genuine naturalists, willing to share their specialist knowledge even for such a trivial exercise as a local society data bank. This is what makes being part of such an elite group so rewarding. Entries are in the order in which material was received.

Willis Bramley (WGB)
The mycologist who really started the ball rolling, always ready to share his knowledge and pass on information.
Clifford Smith (CJS)
Prior to his death, generously passed over his entire card index of county spiders for me to extract details of local records.
Colin Stephenson (CRS)
The Scarborough mycologist who has provided invaluable help and very welcome survey lists.
Andrew Grayson (AG)
A talented, all round entomologist & YNU Diptera co-recorder who has made all his own records available for this exercise.
Geoff King (GK)
The compiler views the expertise of this entomologist with awe, one who tackels Diptera & Hymenoptera with equal ease. Geoff has made all his own records available for inspection and extraction.
John Blackburn (JMB)
is the bryological recorder for VC62. He forwarded a complete list of all the mosses & liverworts in the Society’s area together with useful factual data. The Society is most grateful.
Bill Ely (WAE)
A legendary figure in entomological circles, able to tackle most Orders with ease and especially proficient with the Hymenoptera Parasitica. We were grateful for full printouts from visits to local sites,
Roy Crossley (RC)
Ex-YNU President & Consultant Entomologist. Wide entomological interests but excels with the Diptera and is the YNU co-recorder for this Order. A massive batch of nottes provided – still to tackle!
Bob Marsh
Co-Coleoptera recorder for the YNU. Has promised a batch of data on floppy disc.

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It must be emphasised that since many records will impinge on sites designated as SSSIs, while actual species names may enter the public domain, sites will not. Sites are coded and decoding lists will be kept by the Society and only made available to properly elected recorders in the respective fields in order to build on and investigate existing data. Codes in each group differ from one another.


1 Lichens Lichens completed
2 Mosses Mosses completed
3 Flowering Plants & Ferns completed
4 Fungi Fungi completed
5 Acarid gall-makers Acarids completed
6 Molluscs Molluscs completed
7 Spiders, Chelifers & Opiliones Spiders completed
8 Centipedes, Millipedes and Woodlice completed
9 Orthoptera - Grasshopppers etc. completed
Dermaptera - Earwigs completed
Plecoptera - Stoneflies completed
Psocoptera - Bark Lice etc. completed
Ephemeroptera - Mayflies completed
Odonata - Dragonflies completed
Thysanoptera - Thrips no records
10  Hemiptera mostly completed
11  Megaloptera - Snake and Alder Flies completed
Neuroptera - Lacewings completed
Mecoptera - Scorpionflies completed
Trichoptera - Caddisflies completed
12  Lepidoptera more data promised, but data to hand completed
13  Coleoptera was completed but more data promised
14  Hymenoptera was completed with data to hand but now total
15  Diptera completed with much more data recently

© Don Smith February 2001

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