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Entomological Report

by Andrew Grayson

During 2004, lists of Lepidoptera and certain other insect orders were received from Michael Thompson and Gill Smith. My Ryedale N. H. S. file, which was empty several years ago, now contains several such lists. Michael’s observations include several Lampyris noctiluca (Glow-worms) shining at Rudland on 2.7.2002, and a female Libellula quadrimaculata (Four-spotted Chaser) in his garden pond at Slingsby on 6.6.2004: this dragonfly is not usually encountered in our area. Hawk-moths are spectacular insects, and Michael records three species in his most recent lists. Three Laothoe populi (Poplar Hawk-moth), a common species, were ultra-violet light-trapped in his Slingsby garden between 29.7.2004 and 4.8.2004; a Macroglossum stellatarum (Humming-bird Hawk-moth), a regular migrant to Yorkshire, was seen at Hovingham on 22.8.2003; as were Deilephila elpenor (Elephant Hawk-moth) caterpillars at Hovingham and Slingsby on 13.8.2004.

A recent event of relevance to entomologists was the acquisition of Don Smith’s extensive entomological collection by Tony Harman of Westbere in Kent. I understand from Don that Tony intends to maintain the collection in its entirety, and would welcome any enquiries in connection with it. Don kept his collection in good order, and meticulously catalogued his personal records in addition to producing species and site lists. I had a particular interest in Don’s Diptera, which contained some specimens with significant, but usually unpublished, data.

As some of you may know, my favourite entomological order is Diptera, to which I dedicate the remainder of this report. To avoid any possible confusion, authors and dates of published description are appended to the species names.

In the 2003 report, I made reference to a few errors in the preliminary Ryedale list of insects placed on the Internet. The most significant errors involve the following species, which should be deleted. Anopheles (Anopheles) atroparvus van Thiel, 1927 [Culicidae] is a misinterpretation of synonymy and refers to the species complex A. (A.) maculipennis Meigen, 1818 sensu lato: Platypalpus analis (Meigen, 1830) and P. pulicarius (Meigen, 1830) [Hybotidae] are both transcription errors (Roy Crossley, pers. comm.): Phylidorea (Phylidorea) longicornis (Schummel, 1829) [Limoniidae] and Ectaetia lignicola Edwards, 1925 [Scatopside] are doubtfully authentic and should be deleted because voucher specimens were not retained (Geoff King, pers. comm.): Limnophora tigrina (Am Stein, 1860) [Muscidae] is a typographical error (Geoff King, pers. comm.).

During the past decade, I have been researching the records of Yorkshire Diptera in my capacity as Yorkshire Naturalists’ Union Diptera Recorder. Thus far, I have failed to find any published Yorkshire records of the following species which are recorded from the R. N. H. S. area. Species followed by an asterisk have not been recorded elsewhere in Yorkshire. Appended initials are as follows: PJC = Peter Chandler, JHC = Jon Cole, RC = Roy Crossley, CMD = Martin Drake, WAE = Bill Ely, SJF = Steven Falk, ARG = Andrew Godfrey, AG = Andrew Grayson, GJK = Geoff King, IP = Ivan Perry, PS = Peter Skidmore, DHS = Don Smith, PW = Phil Withers.


Dziedzickia marginata* (Dziedzicki, 1885): Ashberry Pasture, SE5885, 12.10.1990, 14.10.1990, 22.10.1990, PJC

Anatella flavomaculata Edwards, 1925: Duncombe Park, SE605825, 16.7.1996, JHC

Rymosia virens Dziedzicki, 1910: Keld Head, Pickering, (in porch), SE7884, 26.9.1994 (♂), GJK

M. v-nigrum* Lundström, 1913: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 12.10.1990, PJC

Zygomyia notata (Stannius, 1831): Hawnby, (by Ledhill Beck), SE5490, 18.7.1978, JHC


Pericoma (Pericoma) calcilega Feuerborn, 1923: Duncombe Park, SE68, 1.9.1996, PW

P. (P.) tonnoiri Vaillant, 1978: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 14.10.1990, PW


Micropsectra apposita (Walker, 1856): Keld Head Spring, Pickering, SE7884, [specimens on slides], 9.2.1985, 16.2.1985, 24.2.1985, 3.3.1985 (3♂♂, 1♀), 10.3.1985 (♂), 24.3.1985 (2♂♂), 6.4.1985 (2♂♂, 2♀♀), GJK

Paratanytarsus austriacus* (Kieffer in Albrecht, 1924): Keld Head Spring, Pickering, SE7884, 1985 (many slides of exuviae and adult ♂♂), GJK

Eukiefferiella dittmari* Lehmann, 1972: Keld Head Spring, Pickering, SE7884, 27.1. 1985 (6♂♂, 2♀♀), GJK

Orthocladius (Euorthocladius) rivulorum* Kieffer, 1909: Appleton-le-Moors, SE745878, 25.5.1985, GJK

Paramerina cingulata* (Stephens in Walker, 1856): Keld Head Spring, Pickering, SE7884, [exuviae on following dates], 24.2.1985 (♂), 17.3.1985 (3♂♂), 19.5.1985, 8.7.1985 (3♂♂, 3♀♀), 3.6.1985, GJK. Keld Head, Pickering, (garden), SE7884, 20.4.1985 (adult ♂), GJK


Trichina elongata Haliday, 1833: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980, WAE

T. pallipes (Zetterstedt, [1838]): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 30.9.1980, PS

Platypalpus macula (Zetterstedt, 1842): Sleightholme Dale, SE68, 27.6.1990, IP

P. stigmatellus (Zetterstedt, 1842): Keld Head, Pickering, SE7884, 4.8.1991, GJK

Symballophthalmus fuscitarsis (Zetterstedt, 1859): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 15.6.1977, PS; 8.6.1980, WAE; 14.6.1985, RC


Hilara canescens Zetterstedt, 1849: Blaiskey Bank, SE6288, 23.6.1991 (♂), AG

H. discoidalis Lundbeck, 1910: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 16.7.1996, IP: Hawnby, (by River Rye), SE534899, 19.7.1996, IP

H. media Collin, 1927: Rievaulx, (by River Rye), SE58, [no date], PW: Sleightholme Dale, (by Hodge Beck), SE68, 27.6.1990 (2♂♂), IP

H. morata Collin, 1927: Duncombe Park, SE68, 4.7.1981 (2♀♀), PS; 16.7.1996, PJC: Low Wood, Hawnby, SE5787, 19.7.1996, PJC: Hawnby, (by River Rye), SE534899, 19.7.1996, IP

H. rejecta Collin, 1927: Hawnby, (by River Rye), SE534899, 19.7.1996, IP

Rhamphomyia (Pararhamphomyia) albitarsis Collin, 1926: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980 (♀), PS

R. (P.) atra Meigen, 1822: Manor Vale Wood, Kirkbymoorside, SE6987, 4.6.1994 (♂), AG

R. (P.) micropyga Collin, 1926: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 10.5.1992 (♀), AG

Chelipoda albiseta (Zetterstedt, [1838]): Gillamoor, (by Harland Beck), SE6891, 6.8.1993, SJF

Hemerodromia laudatoria Collin, 1927: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 15.6.1977, PS

Ragas unica Walker, 1837: Keld Head, Pickering, SE787844, 23.6.1988 (♂), GJK


Argyra auricollis (Meigen, 1824): Sleightholme Dale, SE68, 27.6.1990 (2♂♂), IP

Dolichopus (Dolichopus) argyrotarsis Wahlberg, 1850: Duncombe Park, SE68, 24.5.1988 (♀), RC, (teste JHC):

Harome, (by River Rye), SE630825, 14.7.1996, CMD

D. (D.) longitarsis Stannius, 1831: Keld Head, Pickering, SE787844, 17.7.1979 (♀), GJK: Ashberry Pasture,

SE568848, 27.6.1990, IP: Blaiskey Bank, SE625887, 27.6.1990, IP: Caydale, SE533868, 28.6.1990, IP

Hercostomus (Gymnopternus) brevicornis (Staeger, 1842): Duncombe Park, (by River Rye), SE68, 4.7.1981, PS

H. (Hercostomus) nigrilamellatus (Macquart, 1827): Riccal Dale, SE6384, 10.6.1990 (♂), AG, (teste RC)

Rhaphium auctum Loew, 1857: Hawnby, (by Ledhill Beck), SE5490, 18.7.1978, JHC: Caydale, SE533868,

28.6.1990, IP: Blaiskey Bank, SE6288, 23.6.1991, AG


Spiniphora bergenstammi (Mik, 1864): Keld Head, Pickering, SE7884, 10.7.1987 (♂), 30.5.1997 (♂), GJK

S. maculata (Meigen, 1830): Keld Head, Pickering, (garden), SE7884, 19.3.1988 (♂), GJK


Lonchoptera nitidifrons Strobl, 1898: Keld Head, Pickering, (garden), SE7884, 11.9.1984 (2 ♀♀, ♂ [genitalia on slide]), GJK


Chalarus pughi Coe, 1966: Riccal Dale, SE6384, 10.6.1990 (♂♀), AG


Neria commutata* (Czerny, 1930): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980, WAE


Dasiops hennigi Morge, 1959: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 27.5.1992 (♀), PJC


Cryptaciura rotundiventris (Fallén, 1814): Elleron, SE7890, 9.7.1990, AG det. DHS


Leiomyza scatophagina (Fallén, 1823): Duncombe Park, SE68, 4.7.1981 (♂♀), PS


Meoneura vagans (Fallén, 1823): Duncombe Park, SE68, 10.6.1980, PS


Epichlorops puncticollis (Zetterstedt, 1848): Wheeldale Springs, SE811980, 19.7.1996, ARG

Conioscinella sordidella (Zetterstedt, 1848): Duncombe Park, SE68, 10.6.1980, PS

Dicraeus (Paroedesiella) vallaris Collin, 1946: Ashberry Pasture, (marsh), SE5684, 15.6.1980, PS

Oscinosoma germanicum (Duda, 1932): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980, PS


Pseudocollinella septentrionalis (Stenhammar, 1855): Keld Head, Pickering, (garden), SE7884, 10.4.1988 (♂), GJK


Drosophila (Drosophila) cameraria Haliday, 1833: Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 6.1977 (♀), PS


Athyroglossa (Athyroglossa) glabra* (Meigen, 1830): Duncombe Park, SE605825, 16.7.1996, JHC


Cordilura (Cordilura) picticornis* Loew, 1864: Keld Head, Pickering, (meadow), SE7884, 9.7.1987, DHS: Keld Head, Pickering, SE7884, 9.4.1988 (♂ on oak tree), GJK

Norellisoma opacum (Loew, 1864): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980, WAE


Subhylemyia longula (Fallén, 1824): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 6.1977, PS

Myopina myopina (Fallén, 1824): Duncombe Park, SE68, 4.7.1981 (in great abundance on river banks), PS

Pegoplata nigroscutellata (Stein, 1920): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 8.6.1980, PS


Coenosia infantula Rondani, 1866: Duncombe Park, SE68, 4.7.1981 (♀), PS

Hydrotaea palaestrica* (Meigen, 1826): Duncombe Park, SE68, 8.6.1984 (♀), PS

Mydaea nebulosa (Stein, 1893): Ashberry Pasture, SE5684, 29.5.1994 (♂), AG, det. ARG


Pollenia angustigena* Wainwright, 1940: Keld Head, Pickering, (garden), SE7884, 5.4.1985, GJK: Maiden Greve Balk, Malton, SE7771, 12.10.1989 (2♂♂), AG


Sarcophaga (Heteronychia) filia* Rondani, 1860: Duncombe Park, SE68, 8.6.1984 (♂), PS

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