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The Society has been publishing newsletters since its inception, first of all as A4 sheets before moving on to stapled A5 booklets – and more recently including line drawings and photographs, in colour in the most recent issues. The Newlsetter is now published annually.

The late Dr. Michael Thompson donated two bound volumes of the newsletters (1998-2004 and 2005-2008 respectively) to the archives of the Ryedale Folk Museum. They are now available for reading in Ryedale Folk Museum library. We would like to thank Michael for this generous donation.

Articles dating from 1998 are available online, as are extended reports of the Society’s summer outings as well as special “plant-hunting” trips.

Field meetings

The Society’s summer programme consists of outdoor meetings, sometimes focussing on a partlicular theme such as the dawn chorus or studying particular plants, sometimes of a more general nature. Many of hte reports contain detailed species lists as well as notes and pictures of the outings.

  • Reports of 2015 trips: Early Birds, Castle Howard Lake, Sinnington Woods, Manor Vale 1, Boltby Forest, Ellerburn Bank, Manor Vale 2, Spiers House, Fen Bog, Tophill Low, Fungus Foray, Sleightholmedale
  • Reports of 2014 trips: Arkengarthdale Black Grouse Lek, Sutton Bank Dawn Chorus, Stape and Raindale, Ashberry, Sleightholmedale, Cherry Tree Farm, Hutton Common, Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 2013 trips: Moorland Birds, Blakey, Dawn Chorus, Appletom, Helmsley, Cropton & Tranmire, Nosterfield & Lingham, Ashberry/Nettledale Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 2012 trips: Dawn Chorus at Spiers House, Hawnby, Foxglove Covert, Bull Ings, Cropton, Strensall Common, Fungus Foray, Rudland
  • Reports of 2011 trips: Beadale Wood, Dawn Chorus at Lowna, Hutton Common, South Gare & Saltholme, Gilling Woods Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 2010 trips: Dawn Chorus at Cawthorna, Spring Flowers in Bransdala, Rievaulx Terrace & Ashberry, Sleightholmedala, Sykes House Grasses & Barbecua, Duncombe Park Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 2009 trips: Appleton Woods, Riccaldale bluebells, Hawnby spring migrants, Mugdale Botanical Recording, Robin Hood’s Bay, Fungus Foray at Yearsley
  • Reports of 2008 trips: Manor Vale (Dawn Chorus), Rosedale (Ring Ouzels), Forge Valley, Appleton, Nunnington (Daubenton’s bats), Moth trapping, Gilling Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 2007 trips: Lowna, Chafer Wood, Jeffry Bog, Nunnington, Garbutt Wood, Beadlam Rigg/Rollgate Bank, North Cave, Sandsend
  • Reports of 2006 trips: Birdsong, Skipwith Common, Botany Workshop, Costa Beck, Spurn Point
  • Reports of 2005 trips: Rievaulx, Shunner Howe, Upper Bransdale, Wykeham Moor (Fungi)
  • Reports of 2004 trips: Spaunton Moor, Puffin Cruise,Wharram and Fordon, Lichens at Bransdale, Castle Howard Arboretum
  • Reports of 2003 trips: Bransdale, Harome,Pry Rigg, Castle Howard (Bats),Wheldrake Ings, Fungus Foray at Rudland
  • Reports of 2002 trips: Eastmoors, Rudland, High Mowthorpe, Terrington
  • Reports of 2001 trips: Filey; Hutton Buscel
  • Reports of 2000 trips: Pry Rigg; Oldstead(YNU VC62); High Batts; Ellerburn;Tophill Low; Cropton forest Fungus Foray
  • Reports of 1999 trips: Skipwith Common; Kilburn; Burniston
  • Reports of 1998 trips: Bempton Cliffs; Howardian Hills;Malham Tarn; Ladhill Gill, Hawnby; Riccaldale Fungus Foray
  • Lists of meetings for previous years
  • Plant-hunting trips

    In addition to the main field outings the dedicated botanists sometimes organise extra trips to locate particular, usually rare or infrequently-flowering species. The notes are rather brief, and the layout basic, as my min concern here is to record the plants and have the pictures available as soon as possible after my visits.

    All photos are copyright (© Gill Smith unless otherwise credited). If you would like to use them for any purpose please email Gill Smith. Our normal policy is to allow free but acknowledged use of pictures for non-commercial purposes. Some of the photos are available at higher resolutions.

    25th July 2009 Sievedale Fen
    Fragrant orchid Gymnodenia conopsea subsp. densiflora and marsh helleborine Epipactis palustris in damp grassland and fen.
    19th July 2009 Gundale
    Dodder Cuscuta epithymum, basil thyme Clinopodium acinos and various insects in dry limestone grassland and scree / old quarry.
    21st June 2009 Sutherbruff and Sand-dale
    Yellow birdsnest Monotropa hypopyti, bee orchid Ophrys apifera, mountain everlasting Antennaria dioica and marsh orchids Dactylorhiza spp. in old limestone quarry, damp grassland and fen.
    14th June 2009 Hutton Common and Yatts
    Butterfly orchids (Platanthera spp.), deadly nightshade (Atropa bella-donna), burnt-tip orchid (Orchis ustulata) fly orchids (Ophrys insectivora) in limestone grassland and woods
    17th May 2009 Goathland
    Lesser twayblade (Listera cordata) in moorland gill
    9th August 2008 Hawnby
    YNU excursion, woods and grassland, including herb paris (Paris quadrifolia) and stone bramble (Rubus saxatilis) in fruit.
    9th June 2007 Gormire
    Lake side for tufted loosestrife (Lysimachia thyrsiflora) and marsh cinquefoil (Potentilla palustris).
    25th June 2006 Cayton Bay and Scarborough
    Sandy beach, marshland with hemlock water dropwort, and limestone grassland with clary and marjoram.
    30th July 2005 Silpho
    Old limestone quarry with pale St. John’s wort (Hypericum montanum) growing with many other colourful species including small scabious (Scabiosa columbaria), lady’s bedstraw (Galium verum) and knapweed (Centaurea nigra).

    Also gipsywort (Lycopus europaeus) at a nearby man-made lake.
    23rd July 2005 Broughton & Whitwell
    Limestone grassland verges with knapweed broomrape (Orobanche elatior), sand leek (Allium scorodoprasum) and other exciting species; verge with broad-leafed helleborine; and farmland with cornfield “weeds”.

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