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Fungus Report for 2006

by Rhona Sutherland

Ryedale Fungi

I am new to this game and no expert, but Autumn 2006 seemed to be a reasonable, though unexceptional, year for fungi.

For me highlights were Verdigris agaric (Stropharia aeruginosa), Stinkhorn (Phallus impudicus) and Geoglossum cookeianum on Oswaldkirk Hag in August, followed by Chicken of the Woods (Laetiporus sulphureus) in Gilling Woods in September. I last saw these on sale in the market in Kathmandu. Then in October there were several enormous Parasol mushrooms (Lepiota procera) – 30cm tall and 25cm in diameter on the common at Appleton-le-Moors and a 13 cm diameter puffball at Hutton-le-Hole.

Gilling Woods has a great variety of fungi and I recorded numerous different species of Boletus and Amanita there during autumn as well as marvellous drifts of Hedgehog fungi (Hydnum repandum) in November. Gill Smith told me of the Cauliflower fungus (Sparassis crispa) there in November and it was still there in December. I last saw these on my plate in a restaurant in Thailand, and dried in huge bags in the market. They are not nearly as good to eat as Chicken of the Woods or Parasol mushrooms so they are very safe in Ryedale!

A total of 101 different species were recorded from Ryedale. Don Smith sent me records of Eyelash fungus (Scutellinia scutellata), Conical waxcaps (Hygrocybe conica), Pear galls (Gymnosporangium sabinae), Teliomycete Rusts and Ustomycetes Smuts from Kirkbymoorside. Gill Smith sent 5 records from the Gilling area including the Cauliflower fungus and also Mucilago crustacea from Whitwell. Gordon Simpson, Brian Walker and J. Gallimoor sent 50 records from a foray into Boltby forest in October where they highlighted Gomphidius roseus. I have never seen one of those nor have I been to Boltby forest so am looking forward to searching for those next year.

Pictures: Hedgehog fungus (left) showing the spines that take the place of gills, and Parasol Mushrooms (right) [Ed: note the enormous size – that is a foot ruler!]

Hedgehog Fungus (Hydnum repandum)

Parasol Mushroom (Lepiota procera)

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