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Amphibian and Reptile Report for 2007

by Michael Thompson


About twelve pairs of common frogs laid spawn on 21st February in a Slingsby pond and 50 more pairs a few days later, but none of the eggs hatched. However, this indicated that this amphibian is well established in the area. A second laying occurred on 5th March and 3 pairs also spawned on 21st March from which numerous tadpoles emerged by 5th May, but few of these metamorphosed into frogs. Spawning was recorded in Gilling Woods and Welburn on 15th March, otherwise no other frog records were received. Common toad were reported 6th March from Slingsby with three sharing the same pond with frogs, but no spawn laid. Young were recorded on the railway track between Slingsby and Hovingham on 25th July, and three adults found eviscerated in the same area. Variable numbers of toads of differing maturities were recorded from a garden in Kirkbymoorside and toads were noted to be croaking in a pond at Sykes House on 28th March with numerous tadpoles present by 19th April. Toads were recorded at South Holme on 21st June. Only one smooth newt record from Slingsby was received.


Common lizards were recorded from Sykes House intake 10th June, with earlier records from Gilling Woods on 15th April. A single slow worm was found in the garden at Sykes House on 3rd July and an adder killed on the road at Rudland Slack. No other reptile records were received.

Records sent in by Gill Smith, Andrea Cooper, Tom and Janet Denney, Michael Thompson.

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