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Gill Smith

This year’s report contains the usual round-up of outdoor meetings and Recorders’ Reports but also articles on The Song and Dance Man, a photographic essay on hoverflies in Ryedale, and probably for the first time a poem inspired by a picture... The species reports are particularly interesting this year (the one that really caught my eye was the recovery of a blackbird, sadly dead, that had been ringed in Utsire, Norway. All the Recorders noted an increase in members sending in records – many thanks to all who contributed, and we look for this trend to continue.

2007 was another year with strange weather, including of course serious flooding in parts of south and east Yorkshire in June. Over the past few years the old patterns of weather and seasons seem to have become disrupted, and this was certainly true for the plants. As the articles show, Ryedale is still an area that is rich in wildlife of all kinds, and we are fortunate to live here.

Letˆs look forward to 2008, and the excellent set of planned outdoor meetings. I hope to see many members attending.