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Hoverfly pics 2007

I was given a new pocket camera (Nikon Coolpix L3) for my birthday in March, and by about June I had almost mastered its close-up mode. I got interested in trying to photograph hoverflies, and spent many happy hours on my hnads and knees stalking them. These are some of the more successful shots – I threw many, many more away, but that is the joy of a digital camera – you don’t feel you are wasting film.... Thanks to Stuart Dunlop and Don Smith for help with the identification.

Don Smith has written an interesting article on hoverflies, incorporating some of these photos, for the 2008 Annual Newsletter.

Helophilus pendulus female

23 Oct Helophilus pendulus female. Whitwell

Probably my favourite hoverfly.

Syrphus  ?ribesii or vitripennis 23 Oct Syrphus (?ribesii or vitripennis) Whitwell
small hoverfly sp. unknown 16 Oct [unknown] Whitwell
Syrphus  ?ribesii or vitripennis 18 Sep Syrphus (?ribesii or vitripennis) Whitwell
Helophilus pendulus 18 Sep Helophilus pendulus. Whitwell
Helophilus pendulus 10 Sep Helophilus pendulus, side view. Whitwell
Syrphus ? ribesii or vitripennis 10 Sep Syrphus ? (ribesii or vitripennis), showing eyes. Whitwell
Eristalis interruptus 9 Sep Eristalis interruptus. Whitwell
Meliscaeva cinctella  female 3 Sep small hoverfly Meliscaeva cinctella female. Whitwell
Meliscaeva cinctella male 25 Aug small hoverfly Meliscaeva cinctella male. Whitwell
Eupodes luniger 10 Aug Eupodes luniger. Gilling
Eristalis arbustorum 10 Aug Eristalis arbustorum. Gilling
Eristalis tenax female 10 Aug Eristalis tenax female. Gilling
Eristalis tenax female 10 Aug Eristalis tenax female. (same insect). Gilling
Epistrophe grossulariae 9 Aug Whitwell

Probably Epistrophe grossulariae based on the shape of the foremost yellow stripes and the overall body shape.
Melanostoma mellinum 5 Aug Melanostoma mellinum. Gilling
Eristalis tenax 2 Aug Eristalis tenax Whitwell
Eristalis tenax (pale) 2 Aug Eristalis tenax, pale species. Whitwell
Eristalis tenax female 2 Aug smaller Eristalis tenax female. Whitwell
Platycheirus manicatus 2 Aug Platycheirus manicatus (pronounced forward-pointing nose & enlarged front tarsi). Whitwell
Syrphus ?ribesii or vitripennis 1 Aug Syrphus ?ribesii or vitripennis Whitwell
Eristalis arbustorum 1 Aug Eristalis arbustorum. Whitwell
Eristalis tenax 1 Aug Eristalis tenax. Whitwell
Scaeva pyrastri. 16 Jul Scaeva pyrastri. Whitwell
15 Jul Scaeva pyrastri. Gilling
Syrphus ?ribesii or vitripennis 11 Jul Syrphus (?ribesii or vitripennis). Whitwell
Episyrphus balteatus 11 Jul Marmalades. Episyrphus balteatus, probably 2 male and 2 female. Whitwell
Episyrphus balteatus 10 Jul Episyrphus balteatus (marmalade hoverfly). Whitwell
Eupeodes luniger 9 Jul Eupeodes luniger. Whitwell
Syrphus ?ribesii  or vitripennis 9 Jul Syphus ?ribesii (or vitripennis). Whitwell

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Gill Smith (photos © Gill Smith 2007)