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Entomological Report Report for 2007

Andrew Grayson

I am grateful to Tom and Janet Denney, Michael Thompson and Gill Smith for submitting their entomological records and to Jim Pewtress and Ray Smithson for submitting specimens for identification. Jim Pewtress caught three species of Hippoboscidae whilst ringing birds in Yorkshire during 2007. Two species were taken outside our area, but the records are noteworthy, particularly the first, which is an addition to the list of Diptera for v.c. 65. Record details are: Stenepteryx hirundinis, ex Sand Martin (Riparia riparia), Scorton Quarry, SE237999, 11.8.2007, JP, det. AG; Ornithomya fringillina, ex Tawny Owl (Strix aluco), Ellington Banks, Ripon, SE275735, 9.8.2007, JP, det. AG. N.B. Jim also took Ornithomya avicularia, ex Tawny Owl (Strix aluco), at Ellington Banks, SE275735, on 23.7.2005, but the Entomological Report for 2005 erroneously gave the National Grid reference as SE4247. I attended the Ryedale N. H. S. outdoor meeting at Chafer Wood, Netherby Dale, Ebberston, on 12.5.2007, and have appended a short list of insects to the excursion report. I recorded most of these species from the southern end of Chafer Wood, around SE898833, but Cercopis vulnerata was numerous in a sheltered area with longer grass at SE899835.

Listed below are records and observations which fall strictly within the Ryedale N. H. S. boundaries, and as the society’s combined entomological records during 2007 were relatively meagre, the report includes them in their entirety. I have lived in Haxby since December 2006, hence most of my ‘Ryedale’ recording in 2007 was south of the Ryedale N. H. S. boundaries, as was much of Gill Smith’s and some of Michael Thompson’s. Most of Michael’s records are from his garden at Burwood, Railway Street, Slingsby, and are given below as ‘Slingsby, SE698754’. Most of Tom and Janet Denney’s records are from their garden at Sykes House, Rudland, and are given as ‘Sykes House, SE664917’. Some of Gill Smith’s records are from her garden, and are given as ‘Gilling, SE614769’. The following initials are used: JD = Janet Denney, AG = Andrew Grayson, JP = Jim Pewtress, AS = Adrian Smith, GS = Gill Smith, MT = Michael Thompson.


During 2007, Michael Thompson saw three Enallagma cyathigerum (Common Blue Damselfly) over the pond in his garden at Burwood, Slingsby, SE698754. Three or four Enallagma cyathigerum were also seen by Gill Smith at middle lake, Gilling, SE593759, on 25.8.2007. The following dragonflies were recorded during the year: Aeshna cyanea (Southern Hawker): Slingsby, (on disused railway track), SE6975, 22.6.2007: Aeshna grandis (Brown Hawker): Gilling, (flying in bushes along beck), SE5977, 14.7.2007, GS: Aeshna juncea (Common Hawker): Gilling, (lake), SE5976, 30.9.2007, GS; Yearsley, SE5875, 12.8.2007, GS: Anax imperator (Emperor): Sykes House, SE664917, 24.8.2007, JD: Sympetrum striolatum (Common Darter): Gilling, (lake), SE5976, 30.9.2007, GS.


I noted the distinctive black and red froghopper Cercopis vulnerata at Cawthorne, SE780894, on 25.5.2007.


As in recent years, Gonepteryx rhamni (Brimstone) continued to be seen widely in the Ryedale N. H. S. area during 2007. Reported sightings were from: Ampleforth, SE580787, 1.6.2007 (♂), AG; Ampleforth College, SE595788, 5.3.2007 (♂), AG; Caukleys Bank, SE669782, 22.5.2007 (♂), AG; Gilling, SE614769, 11.3.2007, AS; Lowna, SE6891, 8.4.2007, GS; Nawton, SE662848, 5.3.2007 (♂), AG; Slingsby, SE698754, 28.3.2007 (♂), 25.3.2007 (♀), MT; Springwood Hill, SE690864, 25.3.2007, JD; Totten Lane, Slingsby, SE6975, 3.6.2007 (♂♀), MT; Yearsley, SE5875, 10.6.2007, GS. Other pierid butterflies were very under-recorded, the records being thus: Anthocharis cardamines (Orange Tip): Gilling, SE614769, 7.4.2007 (♂), GS; Slingsby, SE698754, 25.3.2007 (♀), MT; Sutton Bank, SE522819, 24.5.2007 (♂), AG; Sykes House, SE664917, 11.4.2007, JD; Sykes Intake, Rudland, SE670915, 10.6.2007 (♀), JD: Pieris napi (Green-veined White): Sutton Bank, SE522819, 24.5.2007, AG: Pieris rapae (Small White): Totten Lane, Slingsby, SE6975, 3.6.2007, MT.

The five nymphalid butterflies which occur commonly in our area were all recorded, including the two regular migrants. Reported sightings were as follows: Cynthia cardui (Painted Lady): Gillamoor, SE683896, 7.6.2007, AG; Kirkdale, SE6785, 8.6.2007 (at least 4), GS; Ryedale Laundry, Kirkbymoorside, SE697861, 13.6.2007, AG; Slingsby, SE698754, 3.6.2007, 23.6.2007, MT; Sykes House. SE664917, 4.6.2007, 9.6.2007 (3), 18.6.2007 (many), 23.6.2007, JD: Vanessa atalanta (Red Admiral): Gilling, (golf course), SE6076, 25.5.2007, GS; Gilling, (cemetery), SE6176, 14.10.2007, GS; Slingsby, (along disused railway track), SE6975, 23.6.2007, MT; Sykes House, SE664917, 20.6.2007, 19.7.2007, 11.8.2007, 13.8.2007, 18.9.2007, JD: Aglais urticae (Small Tortoiseshell): Carr House, Ampleforth, SE567788, 6.9.2007, AG; Gliding Club, Sutton Bank, SE516817, 6.9.2007, AG; Slingsby, (along disused railway track), SE6975, 23.6.2007, MT; Slingsby, SE698754, 21.10.2007, MT; Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007, AG; Sykes House, SE664917, 18.7.2007, 24.8.2007, 5.10.2007 (in house), JD: Polygonia c-album (Comma): Carr House, Ampleforth, SE567788, 23.8.2007, AG; Gilling, (woodland), SE5975, 25.3.2007, SE5976, 1.4.2007, SE5875, 15.4.2007, GS; Rievaulx, SE577843, 23.8.2007, AG; Wrelton Bank, SE755855, 6.8.2007, JD: Inachis io (Peacock): Beadlam, SE652847, 2.4.2007, AG; Carr House, Ampleforth, SE567788, 23.8.2007, AG; Gilling, (woodland), SE5976, 1.4.2007 (several), SE5875 (several), 15.4.2007, GS; Low Moor, Moorgates, Goathland, SE849990, 1.9.2007, AG; Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007, AG; Sykes House, SE664917, 26.3.2007, 10.4.2007, 24.8.2007, JD.

Pararge aegeria (Speckled Wood) continued to thrive in our area, and was recorded from: Garbutt Wood, Gormire, SE6083, 9.6.2007, GS, SE505835, 7.7.2007, JD; Gilling, (woodland), SE5976, 31.8.2007, GS; Totten Lane, Slingsby, SE6975, 3.6.2007, MT; Wass Bank, SE561799, 7.9.2007, AG. Other satyrids and lycaenids were very under-recorded in 2007, thus I can only divulge the following records: Lasiommata megera (Wall Brown): Gilling, (along dam of bottom lake), SE5976, 25.8.2007, GS; near Newburgh Priory, SE542763, early autumn 2007, AG; near Sunley Court, Muscoates, SE685814, 10.8.2007, AG; Totten Lane, Slingsby, SE6975, 3.6.2007, MT: Aphantopus hyperantus (Ringlet): Slingsby, (meadow off Railway Street), SE6975, 30.6.2007, MT; Sykes Intake, Rudland, SE670915, 5.7.2007 (many), JD: Maniola jurtina (Meadow Brown): Slingsby, (along disused railway track), SE6975, 23.6.2007, MT; Sykes House, SE664917, 20.6.2007, JD; Sykes Intake, Rudland, SE670915, 5.7.2007 (many), JD: Coenonympha pamphilus (Small Heath): Cawthorne, SE780894, 25.5.2007, AG: Celastrina argiolus (Holly Blue): Newburgh House, SE542766, 23.8.2007, AG; Slingsby, SE698754, 1.8.2007, MT: Polyommatus icarus (Common Blue): Gilling, (farmland), SE6277, 3.6.2007 (3♂♂), GS.

The following moths, mostly captured in a moth-trap, were recorded from his garden at Burwood, Railway Street, Slingsby, SE698754, by Michael Thompson, who was assisted in their identification by Simon Conyers: Hepialus lupulinus (Common Swift), 15.8.2007; Tethea or (Poplar Lutestring), 3.7.2007; Epirrhoe alternata (Common Carpet), 1.6.2007, 3.7.2007; Abraxas grossulariata (The Magpie), 15.8.2007; Deilephila elpenor (Elephant Hawk-moth), 3.7.2007; Pheosia gnoma (Lesser Sallow Prominent), 15.8.2007; Eilema lurideola (Common Footman), 3.7.2007; Euxoa nigricans (Garden Dart), 15.8.2007; Agrotis exclamationis (Heart and Dart), 3.7.2007; Ochropleura plecta (Flame Shoulder), 15.8.2007; Noctua pronuba (Large Yellow Underwing), 3.7.2007; Noctua comes (Lesser Yellow Underwing), 15.8.2007; Noctua janthe (Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing), 15.8.2007; Orthosia gothica (Hebrew Character), 3.7.2007; Mythimna pallens (Common Wainscot), 3.7.2007; Mniotype adusta (Dark Brocade), 15.8.2007; Phlogophora meticulosa (Angle Shades), 1.6.2007, 3.7.2007; Apamea monoglypha (Dark Arches), 15.8.2007; Hydraecia petasitis (Rosy Rustic), 15.8.2007; Hypena proboscidalis (The Snout), 3.7.2007.

Other moths recorded during 2007 were: Tortrix viridana (Green Oak Tortrix): Slingsby, (on railway track), SE6975, 17.10.2007, MT: Hepialis humuli (Ghost Moth): Sykes House, SE664917, 17.6.2007, JD, det. D. H. Smith: Macrothylacia rubi (Fox Moth): Sykes House, SE664917, 9.6.2007, JD: Odezia atrata (Chimney Sweeper): Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007, AG; Kirkdale, SE6785, 8.6.2007 (masses in meadow), GS: Petrophora chlorosata (Brown Silver-line): Sykes Intake, Rudland, SE670915, 10.6.2007, JD: Spilosoma luteum (Buff Ermine): Rye Court, Helmsley, SE615836, 25.6.2007 (♂), AG: Macroglossum stellatarum (Humming-bird Hawk-moth): Sykes House, SE664917, 20.7.2007 (in kitchen), JD.


Michael Thompson found three Melolontha melolontha (Cockchafer) in his moth-trap at Burwood, Slingsby, SE698754, on 3.7.2007. Janet Denney reported two Lampyris noctiluca (Glow-worm) at Rudland Chapel, SE662922, on 12.6.2007, and one at the same locality on 23.6.2007. I made the following meagre records of large and spectacular beetles: Cicindela campestris (Green Tiger Beetle): Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Pyrochroa coccinea (a Cardinal Beetle): Dick Wood, Rievaulx, SE566855, 31.5.2007: Clytus arietis (Wasp Beetle): Mill Wood, Hovingham, SE655752, 4.6.2007.


Ray Smithson found a ♀ Urocerus gigas (Horn-tail) (det. AG) in his garden at Kirkby Mills, SE704862, on 31.7.2007. The following solitary wasps were recorded: Crossocerus megacephalus: Cawthorne, SE780894, 7.9.2007 (♀), AG: Mellinus arvensis: Ryedale Laundry, Kirkbymoorside, SE697861, 24.8.2007 (♀), AG. I noticed that both sexes of Andrena fulva (Tawny Mining Bee) were numerous along a path at Sutton Bank, SE512833, on 12.4.2007. Gill Smith also reported several Andrena fulva on her front and back lawns in Gilling, SE614769, on 7.4.2007.

The following common bumblebees were recorded: Bombus lapidarius: Gilling, SE614769, 7.4.2007, GS; Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007 (♀), AG: Bombus lucorum: Gilling, SE614769, 7.4.2007, GS; Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007 (♀), AG: Bombus pascuorum: Cawthorne, SE780894, 25.5.2007 (♀), AG; near Sunley Court, Muscoates, SE685814, 10.8.2007, AG; Sutton Bank, SE522819, 12.4.2007 (♀), AG: Bombus pratorum: Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007 (♀), AG: Bombus terrestris: Gilling, SE6076, 9.4.2007, GS; Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007 (♀), AG.


I found an interesting ‘nameless’ ♀ hoverfly at Cawthorne, SE780894, on 23.6.2007. This was Eupeodes (Lapposyrphus) species A (Stubbs & Falk, 1983 – Metasyrphus). Alan Stubbs (pers. comm.) recently informed me of the basic reasons why species A has yet to be given a proper scientific name. Gill Smith noted about a dozen Leucozona glaucia on two Angelica sylvestris (Wild Angelica) plants in woods near Gilling, SE5975, on 27.8.2007. I recorded the following hoverflies: Platycheirus albimanus: Wass Bank, SE560797, 7.9.2007 (2♀♀): Platycheirus rosarum: Ashberry Pasture, SE567847, 5.7.2007 (♀): Platycheirus tarsalis: Sutton Bank, SE522819, 24.5.2007 (♀): Chrysotoxum arcuatum: Sutton Bank, SE522825, 10.5.2007 (♀): Epistrophe grossulariae: Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Episyrphus balteatus: Mill Wood, Hovingham, SE655752, 4.6.2007: Leucozona glaucia: Wass Moor, SE562812, 6.9.2007: Leucozona laternaria: Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Cheilosia illustrata: Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Chrysogaster solstitialis: Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Eristalis pertinax: Sutton Bank, SE522819, 12.4.2007 (♀): Eristalis tenax: Stonegarth, Helmsley, SE612839, 18.6.2007: Volucella bombylans: Mill Wood, Hovingham, SE655752, 4.6.2007 (♂).

Of the blood-sucking Diptera, I found a ♀ of the mosquito Ochlerotatus punctor at Wass Moor, SE562812, on 6.9.2007, and single ♀♀ of the cleg Haematopota pluvialis at Ashberry Pasture, SE567847, on 5.7.2007, and near Sunley Court, Muscoates, SE685814, on 10.8.2007. Jim Pewtress took the hippoboscid Ornithomya avicularia (det. AG) from a Song Thrush (Turdus philomelos) in his garden at 31, Piercy End, Kirkbymoorside, SE697864, on 30.9.2007. Other miscellaneous Diptera that I recorded in our area during 2007 were: Rhagio lineola: Lowna, SE689909, 26.8.2007 (♂): Beris geniculata: Ashberry Pasture, SE567847, 28.7.2007 (♂): Bombylius major: Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007: Hybos culiciformis: Wass Moor, SE562812, 6.9.2007 (♂): Empis tessellata: Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007: Dolichopus ungulatus: Beadlam, SE652846, 18.6.2007 (2♂♂ in house); Cawthorne, SE780894, 23.6.2007 (♂); Wass Moor, SE562812, 21.6.2007 (♀): Mesembrina meridiana: Mill Wood, Hovingham, SE655752, 4.6.2007: Gymnochaeta viridis: Sutton Bank, SE513832, 12.4.2007: Tachina fera: Wass Moor, SE562816, 6.9.2007: Tachina ursina: Sutton Bank, SE522819, 12.4.2007 (♀).

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