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Gill Smith

In my editorial last year I said “Let’s look forward to 2008, and the excellent set of planned outdoor meetings. I hope to see many members attending.” – and I am pleased to say we did; holding the outdoor meetings on Saturdays seems to have been a success, so we are continuing with them this year, when we have another interesting programme. This edition of the annual report contains write-ups of the 2008 trips, an article on Slingsby’s swifts, one on a peculiar helleborine and a short note by Don on how he is helping students from York University with their lichen studies. We have the usual reports from our Recorders, and it is very encouraging that most of them had more records, observations and information from Members. To build on this we are experimenting with a new online recording form as an additional way to send us records via our website – please see We are also starting a project to record the wildflowers in the Howardian Hills AONB – see Howardian Hills AONB Wildflower Survey – and this has its own online recording form.

This is my tenth year of editing the Annual Report, and I would like to thank Members for their continued support. I hope we all have a good “wild” 2009, and keep those records coming.

[Ed:The printed version contains slightly different versions of some articles, mainly excluding species lists to save space.]