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Electronic Ryenats

Notes by Tom Denney

We cannot claim that Ryenats are at the cutting edge of new technologies but significant progress has been made in the last couple of years as follows:

In 2010 224 records were uploaded to our website covering plants, birds, mammals, fungi, reptiles, insects and other groups. Sadly this was fewer than 2009, the first year of the scheme, when over 500 records were entered. We are hoping there will be more in 2011 and future years. The address is

We hope these records will prove useful, not least in tracking how our wildlife responds to climate and habitat changes. It is also useful to pinpoint interesting sightings quickly, e.g. the appearance of waxwings in December 2010.

[Ed: The Committee is always open to suggestions on how to improve these features, and indeed any part of the website.]