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Reptile and Amphibian Report 2014

by Marian Tierney


Through April and into May adders were seen 5 times in Rosedale East. There was considerable colour variation, from pale green to dull green, bright green and brown. A slow worm was sighted in Sykes House garden in Spring and again, unusually, in December, probably due to the mild temperature. One was also seen in Newtondale in May.

A solitary lizard was seen crossing a track in the Gilling area in June.


The first observation of the year was of frogs gathering in a Kirkbymoorside garden pond on 28 February, but in smaller numbers than in recent years. In early March 50 frogs were seen among spawn in Rosedale East. During the rest of the month frogs and toads, along with consequent spawn, were present in Gilling Lakes, Sykes House pond and Vivers Pond. The abundance of spawn around the margin at this last site had markedly diminished by the first week in April, probably due to the patrolling heron and 4 mallard. 3 clumps of spawn appeared in my garden pond in Kirkbymoorside, produced by unusually discreet frogs who had not previously advertised their presence.

In mid July froglets were out on dry land near Gilling Lakes and in my garden. 6 adult frogs hung out in my pond from June until early September.

There was a single newt observation, appropriately in Newtondale, in May which is a 100% increase on the previous year.

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