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Some of the more interesting sightings reported by members...

Starling murmuration at Nosterfield by Nick Fraser with video

Recent sightings as recorded on our online form are summarised here (note these pages might take a few minutes to load):

Other records

From time to time we receive particularly interesting records, which are summarised here:

Spotted flycatchers nesting, Sykes House2009
Limestone flowers in Gundale and Sievedale July 2009
Roe deer fawn at Sutherland LodgeJune 2009
Fly & Burnt-tip orchids, Yatts June 2009
Lesser twayblade, DarnholmMay 2009
Early Eristalis hoverfly, OswaldkirkFebruary 2009
Waxwings, PickeringJanuary 2009
Autumn birds including snow bunting2008
Pink-footed geeseSeptember 2008

See also: the reports of trips to find special plants.

Ring Ouzels

Ring Ouzel Reports by K.S. Hutchinson & V. Fairbrother for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – and Ring Ouzel population estimate

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