How do we do this?

I suggest you “View source” and download the HTML.... I have appended a few notes at the bottom.

The key points

Most of the information in this section is courtesy of ahab.

This works more or less the same in IE7, FF3 and Chrome at least (XP and Chrome) – there are minor differences in the amount of space inside the table border, and the appearance of the border itself, but the most noticeable thing is that the [Submit] button and text boxes pick up the Comic Sans font in FF and Chrome but not IE. In IE6 it apparently shows a horizontal scrollbar though I don’t know why.

I cannot find a way to change the following:

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1 Note the embeddedform kind of URL uses the same key as the spreadsheet the submits go to! This is unlike the default viewform type of URL which does not allow any modifications to the format. Also note the embeddedform type of URL automatically creates a Go back to the form link in the confirmation (Thank you!) page.

2 e.g.
Red: FF0000
Green: 00FF00
Blue: 0000FF
Cyan: FF00FF
Yellow: FFFF00
Magenta: 00FFFF
Black: 000000

3 Language codes (again thanks to ahab):
"ar" >العربية  (not available)
"bg" >Български
"id" >Bahasa Indonesia
"bn" >Bengali
"ca" >Català
"cs" >Česky
"sr" >Српски
"da" >Dansk
"de" >Deutsch
"en" >English (US)
"en_UK" - ["en-uk"] >English (GB)
"es" >Español (España)
"fil" >Filipino
"fr" >Français
"gu" >Gujarati
"it" >Italiano
"kn" >Kannada
"lv" >Latviešu
"lt" >Lietuvių
"mr" >Marathi
"ml" >Malayalam
"hu" >Magyar
"nl" >Nederlands
"no" >Norsk
"or" >Oriya
"pl" >Polski
"pt_PT" - ["pt"] >Português (Portugal)
"pt_BR" - ["br"] >Português (Brasil)
"ro" >Română
"sk" >Slovenský
"sl" >Slovenščina
"fi" >Suomi
"sv" >Svenska
"ru" >Русский
"th" >ภาษาไทย
"ta" >Tamil
"te" >Telugu
"tr" >Türkçe
"uk" >Українська
"el" >Ελληνικά
"iw" >עברית  (not available)
"hi" >हिन्दी
"vi" >Tiếng Việt
"zh_CN" - ["cn"] >中文(简体)
"zh_TW" - ["b5"] >中文(繁體 )
"ja" - ["jp"] >日本語
"ko" >한국어

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