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Mammals of Ryedale

The following mammals have been recorded in the area. Several of them are rare, and some have not been seen recently.

Species Code Scientific Name Common Name
3 Erinaceus europaeus Hedgehog
6 Sorex araneus Common Shrew
7 Sorex minutus Pygmy Shrew
8 Neomys fodiens Water Shrew
14 Rhinolophus hipposideros Lesser Horseshoe Bat (rare)
17 Myotis brandii Brandt's Bat
16 Myotis mystacinus Whiskered Bat
18 Myotis nattereri Natterer's Bat
22 Myotis daubentonii Daubenton's Bat
27 Nyctalus leisleri Leisler's Bat (rare)
28 Nyctalus nodula Noctule Bat
32 Plecotus auritus Brown Long-eared Bat
35 Oryctolagus cuniculus Rabbit
36 Lepus europaeus Brown Hare
41 Sciurus carolinensis Grey Squirrel
44 Clethrionomys glareolus Bank Vole
45 Microtus agrestis Field Vole
47 Arvicola terrestris Water Vole
50 Apodemus sylvaticus Wood Mouse
52 Micromys minutus Harvest Mouse
  Talpa europaea Mole
54 Rattus norvegicus Brown Rat
55 Mus domesticus House Mouse
57 Muscardinus avellanarius Dormouse
88 Vulpes vulpes Fox
92 Mustela erminea Stoat
93 Mustela nivalis Weasel
96 Mustela vison American Mink
98 Meles meles Badger
99 Lutra lutra Otter
113 Cervus elaphus Red Deer (rare)
115 Dama dama Fallow Deer
116 Capreolus capreolus Roe Deer
126 Pipistrellus pipistrellus 45 Pipistrelle Bat (45 KHz)
127 Pipistrellus pipistrellus 55 Pipistrelle Bat (55 KHz)
Mammals of Ryedale

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